Some people have asked me, who the hell is Sisyphus? In case you don’t feel like checking wikipedia (I had to before writing this comic) he was a Greek king who managed to piss everyone off constantly and just did horrible things every chance he got. He was sent to hell and managed to get out of it. But eventually they caught him.

Zeus was even angrier than before, and sentenced him to push a boulder up a mountain every day for eternity, only to have it keep rolling back down, also for eternity. Completely pointless and endless task.

Just poking a little fun at my dramatic side here. As someone wise once told me, it’s harder to worry about doing something than it is to actually do it. Which is true, but funny to me when you think of, say, eternal damnation.

Prometheus was the titan who brought fire to humans which also pissed off Zeus. Zeus sentenced him to have his liver pecked out by an eagle for eternity. Zeus, like most powerful people, never seemed to think he was overreacting.