Update! I will be posting the longer comic on it’s own pages:
Margaret Flying Pages 1-3 3 pages at a time for the next week or so, so enjoy! They will be up there for a little while

You can, as of just this moment, buy it ri’ here! or feel free to browse my store. It won’t take long, so far there’s only this comic. If you buy it, it will make me really happy, and you will have a great comic to read! Everybody wins!

My recent posts have been sporadic ONLY because I was making you this nice 12 page comic! Hells to the yes!
I just spent the weekend at SPX for the first time and it couldn’t be more fun! I got to talk with tons of artists whose work I really admire, which is pretty exhilarating, and everyone was really approachable and supportive. People whose work I have been reading for years and there they were, real as life! Yay!