So this is based on my friend who apparently imagined showing Ben Franklin around as a kid. He would have done a great job – I think he still does this in his head which would explain why he understands the workings of our modern infrastructure much better than I do. He’s expecting Ben Franklin. I’m not, so I don’t really understand anything.

But enough about imagining meeting historical figures, Thursday is Rapper History day!

Me and Jason Poland and Keith Mclean are all posting a comic where a rapper meets a historical figure because this somehow came up on twitter and now it’s just happening, there’s nothing you can do to stop it so you may as well lay back and enjoy it. I’m doing ODB and he’s a trip to draw. Keith may have picked the best historical figure for a comic ever, and Jason I have no idea, so I’m excited to see theirs!

In other news I did a guest comic for lefthandedtoons this week so that will be up there at some point, check it out!

Oh one other weird note, my ancestor (far off in the past relative?) Deborah Read was married to Ben Franklin. It didn’t go very well for her, she raised his illegitimate child and died alone while he philandered in europe but I don’t hold a grudge.