Hello and voila! First comic since having the baby!
And first comic featuring the baby, who’s name turned out to be Jack. Jack’s almost 4 months old and huge and healthy and very sweet. And if you weren’t aware, my cat’s name is Charlie and that’s part of why this comic.

I was a big reader of french comics back in the day, stuff like Fluid Glacial and Psikopat and other humor collections (though I liked the serious, beautiful comics the french make too). They are generally very silly and raunchy (like the french?) and the idea people could be killed over them shocked me as much as the rest of the world. My heart goes out to their families.

So…. Jack’s getting ready to sit up. Naturally, I’ll have tons of time to draw then ; ) Here he is!

Oh btw, he was born REALLY late, possibly 3 weeks late, on Sept 19th (was supposed to be Aug 29th!) By then I was so exhausted from waiting I never updated on here, so thanks for the good wishes everyone, and we’re both fine!