Hey! Look to the left! No, on the screen… see the link to TShirts? Yup, I have put a bunch of Ts, mugs, sweatshirts etc on Society6. They print and ship it and they have a bunch of deals going right now for the holidays so GO BUY MY STUFF! While supporting me, you’ll also have excellent presents for your friends and family this year!

Possibilities include:
OCD University shirt For Obsessive Compulsive Pride
ADHD University sweatshirt (everyone online right now belongs!)
No Brunch Till Brooklyn Shirt (cuz Brooklyn)
Hard to get: I’m Not Playing
An Octopus mixing drinks and
a euphoric flying cat

You can also buy books and prints from my site directly, this young man did and check ’em out: All on walls and shit!


(I particularly like what he did here, that comic is about a litter box. And what a clean toilet he has. I’d visit!)

(No, the spaceship is not mine, I am proud to be next to it, however.)

So make my day, and my birthday, and my christmas, and yours and your friends, and check it out!