Okay! So the winner for the Most Awkward T-Shirt Idea Contest is Elizabeth C.! She won with:
“A Tshirt for women with a cute bed bug over each breast, with a slogan that says ‘2X the bedbugs, 2X the fun’”

Which, I think you’ll agree, would start a very awkward conversation. And what does she win, folks? An even more awkward conversation starter!


Lucky fucking her! Now, I will get this to her ASAP but meanwhile here are some people wearing the shirt, having such a good time!


Wow! What a great gift to get for that someone in your life who wants to be asked about their tits! Notice it’s appropriate for men AND women! Blondes love it! I don’t know why!

Anyway I have a few left and I recommend you get on this now because the world needs more people wearing this shirt.