Alright, so this one goes out to my best friend Chris, who’s house just burned down in Middle Village Queens. This fire was a big deal, it was on the news and everything, and his apartment was the upstairs of one of the places that was destroyed. Everyone got out all right, but all he has left from the place is his laptop, his cat and a cross stitching he was doing of Elizabeth Taylor.

Luckily he was in NJ when it happened, but the next day we were looking for his cat (which he found the day after) when we had this conversation. Chris, everyone. His house burns down and he is still up the challenge of being a Mimi. Are you?

PS the shirt he’s wearing is based on a shirt he wanted to buy just before the fire of a cat on a unicorn. I made it a cat in a uniform on a unicorn because that was how I misremembered it and I kinda preferred it. Anyway I’m working on a real version for him, I’ll post that later.

I love you, Chris!