Here is Maisa, who is now my dear friend on facebook due to the fact that she ordered my comic…well, a year and a half ago?


Oy, a year and a quarter ago. Have I been drawing comics this long? In any case, due to a lot of travel (girl was starting school in Iowa, via Oman) she gave me an incorrect address. So my comics travelled the world a bit, taking a surprisingly long time before coming back home inscribed with Arabic which I cannot read, but which is pretty awesome.

Anyway, so I thought well, I will just send them again. Because I am happy to have people all over read my comics (naturally): But! Due to the timing of starting school etc, she had just headed home to Oman again but said don’t worry, I will still get them when I get back to school this fall.

So: when Maisa ordered them she asked (via twitter) “Are you really my friend? Will I really get these?” and I promised yes. So, there you go! My best travelled comics so far. I am very proud of them! I am also proud of Maisa ; )