Hi my friends,

Here in CA, USA we’ve actually been on lockdown for a couple of weeks and if you’re not, indulge! Please! If you possibly can, stay in your home as much as possible because the fit is about to hit the shan, and everyone who’s ever read this comic (and in particular commented!) is really dear to my heart. I’ve always loved that I get comments from all over the world and my god, we’re all in it this time together. EVERYWHERE.

My 5 year old thought this drawing was a bit too intense so I drew another but I went with this because this is essentially the face I have been making while grocery shopping, and also because my two year old said “That’s mommy!” when I showed it to her.

Please be safe, please, please comment, and if you’re not on lockdown yet buy chicken, eggs and paper towels because, along with TP, those just ran out immediately. But just a little: other people need that stuff too.